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Welcome to BenefitElect, a new era in online benefits administration. We’ve elevated the management of insurance benefits to an enjoyable, educational and empowering experience for employees, their families, and administrators.

How did we do it?

BenefitElect is built upon an unflinching desire to develop and implement superior technology. Through simple, intuitive design and a blow-your-mind user experience, we created the perfect online portal to assist with Benefits Enrollment, Benefits Education and Benefits Administration.

In our corner of the world, it’s not just about the technology we’ve thoughtfully designed, but also about the personalized service and innovative solutions that back it. We believe in creating an incredible experience for each and every client.


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Enhance the Enrollment Experience

Fun Facts

Enhance the Enrollment Experience

40% of US businesses still enroll on paper. (Wells Fargo Insurance 2016 Benefit Analytics and Benchmarking Study (1,100+ respondents)

Improve Automation

Of the 60% who enroll electronically, only 40% transmit data to carriers electronically. (Wells Fargo Insurance 2016 Benefit Analytics and Benchmarking Study (1,100+ respondents)

Driving Employee Engagement

70% of US Workers are not engaged at work. (Gallup released the latest State of the American Workplace report in February 2017)

Increase Accuracy

Errors from manual methods cost companies 1-8% of total payroll. (The American Payroll Association)