Frequently Asked Questions

Does BenefitElect own their Code?

BenefitElect is privately owned and maintains 100% control of their code.

Does BenefitElect develop file connectivity to ACA tracking, carriers and payroll?

Yes, the BenefitElect Team develops EDI and 834 files. BenefitElect will auto inbound Full or Changes-Only census files from Payroll or HRIS. The system will then fully reconcile and auto map all changes.

Does BenefitElect develop their own benefit communications?

BenefitElect has a sister company, Communication Partners, Inc., which has been developing print and multimedia benefit communications since 1975.

Does BenefitElect develop client specific features?

BenefitElect will develop client-specific features with a Statement of Work.

Does BenefitElect have a Client Service Department?

BenefitElect has a full client implementation and service department.

How long is the Implementation process?

Implementation of BenefitElect follows a 5-phase process to include Discovery, Build, Training, Testing and Deployment. The duration of Implementation varies by several factors, including the plans offered, number of classes of employees and pay grades as well as client participation during the testing phase. Speak with your BenefitElect representative for an accurate estimate.

How much does it cost to refresh BenefitElect in subsequent years?

Under most circumstances, refreshing BenefitElect in subsequent plan years runs 25% of the original Case Setup Fee. The BenefitElect Team always provides an estimate prior to refreshing the system for Open Enrollment. 

Can I self-pay off of BenefitElect?

BenefitElect will calculate and present your payment amount, giving you the accurate information to self-pay. 

Does BenefitElect allow for Auto Enroll?

Auto Enroll features can be set up in a variety of combinations to meet client needs.

Can BenefitElect allow clients to customize their reporting? Costs?

Reporting is fully customizable. Permissions may be set for multiple administration users. There are no fees associated with reports generated by BenefitElect.

How does BenefitElect store data and provide security?

BenefitElect uses 128-bit encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for all personal information transmitted over the Internet. In addition, each user has a unique ID and password that is used to authenticate access to the system. All backups of the system are encrypted before transmission off-site. BenefitElect applies upgrades to the servers on a continuous basis. Appropriate updates to the operating system are installed and servers are monitored continuously via Amazon CloudWatch. Software updates are performed in off-peak hours (typically around midnight) unless pre-arranged with customers. The Internet Service Provider provides a limited Service Level Warranty for the network to which the servers are connected. The warranty guarantees a continuous up-time of 99%.

How much does BenefitElect cost?

BenefitElect charges a case setup fee, data interface file fee for each file and a per-employee per-month (PEPM) fee. Fees are quoted.

How can I view a demo of BenefitElect?

Call: (541) 323-1600 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule your demo.