Who doesn’t need more “easy” in their life?

Spreadsheets. Pivot tables. Staying late on the last day of every month.

It’s all in the past with BenefitElect in your corner. Insurance benefits administration has never been easier thanks to our integrated, intuitive rules-based platform.

The BenefitElect online system quickly and effortlessly automates the enrollment process for HR teams. Our program collects information that would normally take hours upon hours to compile manually. 


  • No more paper forms
  • No more data entry errors costing time, money, and frazzled nerves to correct
  • No more sorting through ineligible enrollments or tracking down EOI

Through intuitive technology and a streamlined data collection process, BenefitElect removes the complexity… and frustrating learning curve… associated with insurance benefits management. You’ve got things to do. Dealing with a clunky benefits management system ranks right up there with cleaning out the lunchroom refrigerator. We get it. And it’s why we designed BenefitElect to be an easy, efficient platform for busy HR teams.

As a BenefitElect client, you’ll have access to the Granddaddy of support tools: an extensive video library with dozens of professional, ready-made video clips created to educate and empower your employees as they work their way through the enrollment process. What does this mean for your HR department? Rather than devoting your precious time to answering the same questions over and over, our custom videos provide employees with additional information about confusing topics and guide them through the decision-making process.

Our clients love the data reporting feature of BenefitElect. Upon completion, employee enrollment records are converted into accurate data sets that allow for easy, custom report creation. BenefitElect transfers all enrollment data to your HRIS system electronically. No more spreadsheets or tedious copy and pasting efforts by your HR team. 

When it comes time to transfer all documentation to insurance carriers, BenefitElect transmits the information for you, quickly and securely. Time-consuming interface with carriers? Gone.

HIPAA integrity and security is of the utmost important to us. All transfer of data is done through a Secure File Transfer Protocol. Cloud-based hosting is conducted on a dedicated instance with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We are serious about data.

There isn’t much that strikes more fear in the hearts of HR Administrators than the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The law, enacted in 2010, requires that companies cover all applicants within the standards set and that all data for employee eligibility is both tracked and reported.

The ACA, including the Patient’s Bill of Rights, was designed to put consumers back in charge of their health care by:

  • Providing an increase in quality and affordability of health insurance 
  • Expanding public and private coverage
  • Reducing health care costs 

With it comes a confusing set of regulations that must be followed by employers. Gathering. Tracking. Reporting. A plethora of forms. It’s algorithmic nightmare.  

We believe that compliance doesn’t need to be so dang complicated.

The penalties for non-compliance with ACA reporting are massive. Six-figure tax bills (yikes!) are not unheard of. Let us guide you through the complex, ever-changing rules and regulations of the Affordable Care Act.

Keeping your ducks in a row is just another part of what we do.