We’ll help you keep it together

You’ve got 23 tabs open on your computer. As a third party administrator, managing insurance claims can go from calm to crazy in a heartbeat. “Keep everything organized” is at the top of your To-Do list. Every day.

The struggle is real when it comes to managing multiple accounts. Your clients have entrusted you to be fast and efficient when administering their employee claims. 

Having everything organized and easily accessible at a moment’s notice would make a huge difference, right?

Welcome to BenefitElect, a benefits portal that can help you manage insurance claims and billing like it’s nobody’s business.

One platform to rule them all

BenefitElect allows for multiple accounts to be consolidated and managed at the same time. It’s a user-friendly platform driven by creative, intuitive technology and designed by people who understand insurance benefits and benefits-related data. Because we own the code, our online management portal is entirely customizable to each client’s needs and daily challenges. This makes it possible to create the perfect admin system for tracking all claims.

Superior technology and reporting

BenefitElect is piloted by innovation and efficiency. Our goal was to create an easy, efficient platform for busy people that focused on enrollment, education and benefits management. 

As a claims administrator, you’ll receive detailed reports from your clients automatically. Employee data is quickly and securely transmitted by BenefitElect directly to your database. Custom reports can also be generated for whatever your needs are. 

By offering your clients and prospects great online management systems like BenefitElect, the work day just became a whole lot easier to manage.

Streamlined process

All data entered into the BenefitElect platform follows a rules-based system, removing the complexity and frustrating learning curve associated with benefits management. We built a piece of technology that collects employee data securely and thoroughly and intuitively makes sense as the user quickly progresses through the portal. 

We’re all about keeping data organized. This practically makes us best friends, right?