Providing solutions feels so dang good.

Insurance… it’s a tough world to crack. So many choices. So many changes happening in the blink of an eye. So many confused human beings. 

As an insurance carrier, how are you going to rise above the noise?

The best way to differentiate is to provide achievable solutions for employers who are trying to balance happy employees with a happy bottom line. When you drive good technology their way, you make their lives a whole lot easier.

The BenefitElect platform provides the innovative technology and creative insurance solutions needed by both carriers and employers in the overwhelming benefits management scene. 

Data transmission

With BenefitElect, all employee enrollment data is electronically transmitted to your database on a schedule customized to your needs. Security and dependability is of the utmost importance to us. Our benefits management platform was designed to collect all necessary information prior to data transmission, ensuring that everything you receive is complete and accurate.

Automated data reports

You’ll receive detailed enrollment reports automatically. Having everything organized, up-to-date and understandable at a glance lowers your administrative costs by removing tedious and redundant record keeping tasks from the workload.

Streamlined enrollment process

We’ve crossed our t’s and dotted our i’s. The BenefitElect enrollment process was designed to be engaging and intuitive for all users. Most importantly, it is a rules-based system. This means that fewer mistakes are made by enrollees and less work is needed on your end to correct problems and issues.

Opportunity for additional coverage

Some people need a bit of extra ‘oomph’ when it comes to their insurance benefits. Our platform allows you the opportunity to offer supplemental voluntary coverage to employees. BenefitElect can help you give additional peace of mind to the people who need it most.

Bottom line? The creative technology and reliable data automation that drives the BenefitElect platform smashes through the “we never transition beyond the initial sale” mentality. We send the status quo packing and instead help our carriers create a positive brand experience based on service and solutions.