Every client needs a hero.

Your clients have entrusted you to evaluate and recommend technology solutions that will make their business run smoothly. They want it to be fast. They want it to be innovative. And they want it to be easy. 

It’s a big world and figuring out what works for each client can be a challenge.

That’s where BenefitElect can help. 

Our comprehensive benefits management platform provides immediate solutions for your clients. Enrollment. Education. Management. Reporting. Compliance. It’s the whole enchilada. We use forward-thinking technology to tackle the challenges your clients face daily. When you partner with BenefitElect, you’ll be providing massive value to each and every client you serve. 

BenefitElect is THE custom solution for your clients. Our integrated, thoughtfully designed platform grows with your client as their needs expand.

Personalized technology

The BenefitElect portal is customizable to your client’s needs. Because we own the code, we are able to provide immediate solutions that match technology to the areas where your client may be struggling.

Simplicity of design

Over the years we have evolved the BenefitElect platform into a well-oiled machine. People wanted more “easy” in their life and we delivered on that desire. BenefitElect provides a streamlined benefits management experience for your clients, effortlessly automating the enrollment and reporting process for HR teams.

Save time and money

Let’s face it… HR departments are hustling from the moment that first cup of coffee is poured each morning. What if instead of spending their time formatting spread sheets and triple checking details, your clients could focus on the other demands that come from operating a busy HR department? Our intuitive technology and organized data collection process removes the complexity associated with insurance benefits management, saving HR teams valuable time and money.

ACA compliance

While BenefitElect is not an ACA tracking and reporting tool, BenefitElect does prepare and feed the eligibility data required to track and report to a third party of your choice. 

Happy clients + Happy employees = Happy companies 

You are an integral part of this equation by providing solutions that make life easier for others. The BenefitElect platform, based on innovative technology and creative solutions backed by awesome people, can help you deliver the value your clients deserve.