We’re your tech department down the hall
(minus the geek speak)

Being a leader in benefits management means that we are continuously improving the enrollment experience for customers and administrators. We are a development company, which translates into harnessing the power of our imagination and tethering it to solid design and versatility. Our in-house technology team is more than just a bunch of finger-flying coders. They are also extremely well-versed in insurance benefits and benefits-related data. 

What does this mean?

We get you. 100%.

And we can build technology that intuitively makes sense, rather than merely looking pretty on a screen.

As your tech partner, we are able to customize the experience to the user, matching your needs with creative technology that works for you. The BenefitElect platform is not a one-size-fits-all system. When it comes to managing something as important as employee benefits, we believe a personalized approach is the key to success… and sanity.

What about data?

We’re glad you asked. Data is everything in our world. We love data like Joanie loves Chachi. Like Mac loves Cheese. We understand how crucial accurate and complete data is to our clients, which is why the BenefitElect portal was designed to collect it securely and thoroughly.