Every client deserves an incredible experience

Technology is nothing without the support of people who make it work. It would be like sending you out on an ocean adventure with a slotted spoon for a paddle. We get it. And we’ve devoted ourselves to making your BenefitElect experience top notch. In fact, we consider ourselves to be your technology/marketing/creative department just down the hall… you know… past the lunch room and to the right. If you hit the vending machine, you’ve gone too far.

Our responsive team is laser-focused on creating a great experience for each and every client. This means staying up to date on our certifications (including Microsoft and SQL), developing a set of metrics to measure your success, and designing platform features that save you time, money and energy.

In addition to our remarkably intuitive platform, BenefitElect clients also enjoy the advantage of superior customer service. We have contracted with the very best insurance call center to assist with employee enrollment questions and communication. A knowledgeable benefits counselor is ready 24/7 to walk your employees through the enrollment process. 

Our goal is a simple one, really: To make benefits perfectly clear.

The BenefitElect platform is just one of the many helpful communication tools we offer to our clients. Our sister company, Communication Partners Inc., assists clients wanting to convey benefits information and solutions to employees not only during enrollment periods, but throughout the year. 

Making your employees jazzed about their benefits is our passion

At Communication Partners, we love strategizing with our clients about creative ways to share important insurance benefits information with their employees. What if you could communicate benefits faster, better and easier through eye-catching custom branding and design? What if instead of grumbling about the changes that inevitably come with open enrollment, your employees actually looked forward to learning about their insurance benefits and options? 

Amping up that excitement is what we do at Communication Partners. 

An effective benefits campaign educates and empowers employees throughout the year, providing them with the peace of mind needed as changes occur. Knowledgeable employees make happy employees. And happy employees are what take companies from good to great.

Whether you need custom solutions or prefer a more classic approach to your benefits communication, our talented team at Communication Partners can provide everything you need for effective campaign, including writing, content creation, creative direction and graphic design.

  • Strategic consulting
  • Custom campaigns 
  • Multi-media presentations
  • Web + mobile-based platforms
  • Printed collateral
  • Distribution

Our extensive video library is a favorite support tool for educating employees about various insurance benefits topics and providing an extra dose of assurance when needed. With dozens of engaging videos to choose from, confusing insurance topics and scenarios are broken down in an easy to understand way. We also have the capabilities and ingenuity to create custom videos based on your company’s needs and vision.