We’re changing the way people think
about benefits administration

Where were you in 1998? Perhaps you were sitting behind a desk, listening to the sweet sound of internet dial-up. Or waiting in line at Sam Goody to purchase the newest Spice Girls CD. Us?

We were launching BenefitElect into the world.

At the time, the world wide web was growing at warp speed. Companies were expanding. And insurance became more complicated. We knew there was a way we could help, and so we created a simple, intuitive online benefits administration portal to help companies manage the complexity of insurance benefits.

We’ve come a long way since then. Thanks to our “never stop improving” attitude, we’ve recently released the 4th generation of the BenefitElect platform. Our innovative plug-in technology, time saving data exchange and integration, and a full development and support team has paved the way for an even more successful future.